the lack of professional supervision

While in the process of the construction of the entire project, the owners Oceania Heights Interior Design Studio, the quality of the design of the whole project, the duration of the work, the effect of the decoration with a wide range of control. The project manager of the entire track, to avoid the occurrence of jerry-building situation, and also the consumer a peace of mind, a comfortable home. Two modes are compared, which one is better is very clear, no wonder that Europe and the United States and other developed areas, in small engineering decoration, this design and engineering separation mode! . Oceania Heights that the traditional owners find indoor decoration companies, decoration companies to look for the renovation of the interior design firm mode. At source as the decoration company superfluous, and foreshadowed cut corners. First of all, looking for indoor decoration company decoration design team may not be a professional; Second, the relationship of the upper and lower decoration company with the design team, easily causing hazards to the quality of the decoration. Due to the lack of professional supervision, decoration company often acts recklessly abandoned the expense of the interests of consumers. Consumers because they do not have a professional decoration design knowledge, usually only eat Yaba Kui. " Oceania Heights Interior Design Network to promote the decoration and design of phase separation mode, the client works tender Oceania Heights. In this process, a professional interior designer will give owners sound advice, so that consumer choice. As the promotion of the concept of newly renovated in recent years, Shenzhen Oceania Heights Interior Design Studio in popularity of interior design and interior decoration phase separation, many achievements.