Small apartment interior design renderings

Small apartment interior design renderings: forget Introduction Figure simple floor lamp, which is advised home to sell, it is simple. Minimalist TV cabinet, simply seems to be above the steel tubes frame a piece of wood on the line is so simple, original fashion. Small apartment interior design renderings: according to Homeowner own introduction, lying on the sofa in front of you honest from IKEA, the style is fairly simple it! Colorful cushions above has a complex geometric mosaic pattern. Modeling simple and stylish coffee table is very personalized. But most striking is that looks like a tiger skin mat, of course, is not true tiger skins, but very interesting. . Decorative painting of walls, a deep American Wind. Abstract: Liu Qian mashup Yundi Li, mix and match the the Song Zuying mashup Celine Dion, the Spring Festival Evening style is very popular. You have not thought about small apartment mashup style, simple and stylish. Now let's take a look at the mix of wind small apartment interior design renderings it!