did not affect the lighting

For city people, the restaurant is a rare reunion, the venue for the exchange. Decoration in this area, directly affect the mood and atmosphere for the exchange of family dining. A bright, comfortable dining environment, not only highlights the elegance of the master, and create a more enjoyable family atmosphere. Oceania Heights interior design studio in Shenzhen designers Under normal circumstances, people pay more attention to the bedrooms and living room decoration, while ignoring the importance of a restaurant in the home environment. In fact, a warm and comfortable dining environment, family relationships, extraordinary meaning. Concise, comfortable dining allows diners to enjoy the food at the same time fully relax. Remove the outer armor, honest communication with their families.     Whether it is the elegant chandeliers, fragrant flowers, people can feel the warmth and comfort of the family; hollow carved lattice windows elegant high-end, but did not affect the lighting; blinds design Millia, overtly or covertly tilapia; white floor tiles, seems to be the best show hostess industrious, bright, elegant and easy to take care of; matched on a comfortable white seat, gentle as a dream dining area, pull into the heart-to-heart distance.   What style of decoration is more suitable for the dining area? Essence of interior design of the restaurant where? Diagram of how to understand the effect of the decoration? Reporters through an interview with a professional interior designer for the owners to mysteries.